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Attention #NeverTrump Conservatives

9.23.16: My video on Instagram hit 4K views in just over a day. Those are quite a few eyeballs for me at this point. It appears that my 1 minute video messages resonate with real Americans. Click on the icon to see the video. Check out my Insta Page and my Youtube channels.


Anywho...I am tired of my fellow conservatives saying they are going to vote 3rd party or even Hillary because their favorite Republican candidate didn't make the cut. This is ludicrous. A vote for any candidate other than Trump is effectively a vote for Hillary.

Gary Johnson? The man is not even a true libertarian! That vote will take away from Trump and favor Hillary. The effect? It is effectively a vote AGAINST electing someone with any type of Conservative principles.

Jill Stein? While it takes a vote away from Hillary, it is a wasted vote that could be thrown behind Trump.

I get that many conservatives are not a Trump fan. Trust me. I have liked Trump for years but his style of leadership is not everyone's cup of tea. I don't agree with him on everything. But he has promised to uphold many of my core conservative values. Values that Hillary absolutely opposes. So my dear NEVERTUMP conservatives: Don't cut off your nose to spite your face! Vote for Trump and keep Hillary out of the White House.